Around 20 years after the Llwyngwern quarry closed for the last time the lease for the land was taken on by a social and technological experiment. Over the following 40 years the community of people at the Centre for Alternative Technology has grown and flourished, advancing prespectives of humanity’s relationship to land, energy and resources, and making full use of the quarry’s waste heap and reservoir, although leaving the quarry itself to ecological succession. 


On August 2nd as part of the program for the 40th anniversary celebrations of CAT we are retracing the quarrymen steps, walking along the tracks to a world lost in time, reclaimed by nature and beckoning contemplation of the best course, treading lightly.

You are invited to join an immersive performative experience of an augmented space lead by Jane Lloyd Francis and Ariana Jordão. The walk lasts approx. 40-50 minutes, starting at 12am and 4pm for the public and at 10am and 6pm for staff, from the courtyard outside the restaurant. A sign in list will be available at the WISE building reception. Because of the terrain and as we are aiming for a personal touch we are limiting the walk to 8 people and to children over 12. Please make sure you are wearing footwear suitable for rough and wet slippery ground. 

About anariana

you are actually inviting me to write about myself? im quite sure i can do that... do i have to make it fit into a box? is anyone going to be reading these thoughts?
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