A New Pond in the Woods

Welcome to the Living Landscape Network blog for the Dyfi Valley Biosphere. After much to-ing and fro-ing and conversations about names and what to do, we are finally doing something, well typing into the ether and hoping that this blog will have legs and grow into something more than words.


No man is an island?

I thought I would start by up putting a quick sneak preview of the work I have been doing as part of my Leverhulme Fellowship artist in residence up at CAT. I have been working on and off between other projects to integrate my artistic practice into the Landscape of the Dyfi Biosphere, something I have been keen to do for many years, as my work usually takes me out of the valley, and indeed mostly out of Wales. It seems to be working as I have completed one project in South Wales and am nearing the completion of a landscape scale pond work up in the woods at Coed Gwyn.

Working with Grace Crabb in the biology department, I soon discovered the CAT woodland project. Thirty acres of well-managed mixed woodland. We talked about what I have been doing and Grace talked about the need for an area of standing water to encourage a different range of habitats for amphibians and invertebrates. An area of predominately Birch and Douglas Fir was identified, and I began to mark out a ten meter diameter space. I also looked at the watershed and thought that I would enhance and make a feature of the drainage channels already existing in the woods.

The mixed woodland site chosen for the pond site

The mixed woodland site chosen for the pond site

After marking out, saws came out and I chopped down and transplanted a lot of saplings. I then hired a small excavator and started to dig. The ground is heavy waterlogged peat from years of moss and woodland on the site. Easy until its starts to rain. It then takes a lot of fiddling around and some tricksy techniques withe the bucket to get the machine out.


Bit of a muddy hole really. Stella always helps with digging

I bought the machine onto the site three times at different stages to get the profile right,using a  rotary laser level to get the water level exactly where I needed it to be. The pond stayed like this all winter as I waited for a drain bung and for the levels to slump, this means I can drain it down if I need to work on any part of the drawdown zone or island.

Early spring saw the first frogs move into a large puddle of muddy water and drop off a pile of frog spawn…..our first inhabitants……Its working!


Stinky Stella investigates the new pond looking for things to kill.

After a few months  I felt happy enough with the site to start planting an avenue of trees and re-establishing some of the vegetation, transplanting polypody ferns and working on the creation of moss habitats. I have used non native  betula jacquemontii, a well used landscaping tree, which is long lived and very white. It is also sterile in this country so will not mess with the natives.


Birch avenue with oak at vanishing point

Stella the dog was at hand to catch voles and help with the digging as you can see. Also at hand was Adam Thorogood who bought CAT volunteers over to help put steps in and build a boardwalk around the edge of the pond. This is being made of riven oak to give an organic feel. The timber has been sourced from the surrounding oak woodland by Jules Russel a local woodsman and craftsman, who has also been helping on the build.


The pond and boardwalk


The eager workforce

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4 Responses to A New Pond in the Woods

  1. Ulf Pedersen says:

    Stunning work Jony Boy…
    Love the Birch avenue to the Oak in the distance. The small island is begging for a mossy tump of Bonsai’s yes?? Looking forward to seeing it ‘In the Moss’ when I next visit!
    Keep me posted on further developments in the woods…
    Ulf x

  2. jennyannhall says:

    That’s going to be lovely Jony. Those woods are just beautiful already and the keyhole pond will add a tranquil contemplative centre, no doubt!

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